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Reflections on a Day at MARC

"The Ropes Course to me was like life. When something challenging happens, it just makes you that much stronger."
Mendo Middle 7th grader

"Not only is it lots of fun, it challenges kids to stretch their limits, solve a challenge, and work as a team. Kids grow closer as a group."
Mendo Middle 8th grader

"Some students who did not show leadership skills before that day, but showed great skills while at the course, are still demonstrating leadership abilities."
Teacher, Ukiah High Peer Counselors

"The class was greatly helped by our day with you. There was mutual bonding and respect developed that has helped our students support each other in a way they had never experienced before."
Teacher, Whale Gulch Middle

" …each member of the team demonstrated a level of communication and trust with each other that had been previously lacking from the team. I saw a level of confidence and a determination that we could tackle any task at hand."
Member, Ukiah SWAT Team


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