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A Challenge for Both the Individual and the Group.

Physically, the ropes course is a series of activities between ground level and 40 feet in the air while "on-belay" , a technique used to "hold" the climber. Our reflective approach offers the participant personal success both physically and emotionally as they "choose their level of challenge". Ropes Courses are used as an aid in personal and group development resulting in learned skills such as; cooperation, self-confidence, trust, problem solving, body-awareness, teamwork, insightfulness, and compassion.

Whatever your orginazation or task at hand, you will enhance your group’s performance.  You will promote individual and group excellence as you explore creativity in solving group tasks, enhance individual and group communication skills and confidence.  Bring out the genius of your group members while having fun together.

Building on the challenge course day with a sequenced challenge day or other group activity will augment the power of your group’s experience.  Hiking, biking, boating, rock climbing and more are accessible from MARC.  Check with us about current staff skills and expertise or referals to include arrangements with your challenge course.


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